Respect The Wind

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Visions of Autumn Leaves

Vicious feelings of loss and hate and despair wanting to escape.
To breathe fresh air.
The twitching sensation, painful yet again.
No, won't let you rape me again. I am not the one who you knew.
He died a tragic death. He suffered much pain and waited long and hard.
If only you had looked, you will find the many deep scars on him.
He is gone in his much deserved eternal slumber to never be disturbed in peace and love.
And no, he hopes not to meet you in the next world in his wake.
Seeing my self in a smoky dive bar wailing away.
Letting Chihiro sing of my fatalistic murmurings...
The whining, the whisper, the ungodly scream from the depth of my being.
Opening my self for the whole universe to see and experience.
This tide wont be taking me away...


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