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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Bards Woe

It's been an easy day, not much work but its still troublesome having to work on saturdays. I should be at home studying and woodshedding.

After this week, its gonna be a full 2 weeks without a rehearsal. The other week I got so frustrated inside the studio while my arm was taking a beating. My left arm was getting sore would almost lose my grip of the neck everytime I'd do a wide vibrato. It was becoming too painful not bacause the piece was difficult but because I have to go through the solo spot over and over and over and over again, I think I nearly got burned out of our drummer and bassist Angry

Whats missing? Well the guys are fine, but they are not playing in the pocket so the whole drive is in utter disarray at times. I hope they do their homeworks now. I probably can't blame them as I spend every waking moment thinking about it. When idle, I'd sometimes think of a random key and would map out the intervals and extract the notes constituting its major scale (my assignment) and identify the modes I am familiar with. Sometimes I'd burst out of the office to catch my bus ride home, to be there as early as possible just to be able practice, study, and noodle about. I even miss my guitars! Cry

Today I asked a friend who owns a studio to give me leads to smallish projects so I could remain active outside my room. Teaching gigs, session work, whatever, just to further develop my self as a musician. I hope something turns out. I even told our singer to do some side projects while were waiting to move out in full force.

I hope those two bone-up real quick because I really miss having not to worry about the rhythm section while I do my thing. Oh well, can't rush musical maturity. Since practice is cancelled I'm gonna drop by at Sam's place to try out his delay pedal and new guitar and try again his 7-string. I bet Chihiro will beat the crap out of his fingers


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