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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Naked Thought

It's been a week since my man-age has progressed yet again. It's been a tremendous passing for me. For several hundred cycles ago, with my back flat on my bed unknowingly struggling for my very life, slowly withering. But I lived, I survived, to stride for another step, to live on.

And perhaps my awakening has ushered me into the path which I have come to neglect for a very long time. Now with Chihiro and Izabella, I know the world shall hear of me and my visions. To bend the various aspects of reality and life and present it as I see it. To return to forever. To paint my visions into the interstellar canvass of the universe for all creations to see and ponder about.

And in the gloom of my casual life, came forth the light I have come to follow today. It's always bright and warm, I could feel life pulsating from it even from a distance. It has led me to discovering many new things about the world around me and my own life. I have since sought to understand it. It is very elementary in structure yet so other-worldly intricate in essence. It has given me so much joy which I feel I have never experienced in all my lifetime. It has led me to crippling desperation, and I thought I have been in the darkness for far too long.

I'd like to be by its side for the remainder of my days. Although I feel this somewhat frigid sense of unwant, trying to push me further from it. I cannot allow the true nature of my intention be clouded by my troublesome speculative person. And yes I think too much for my own good more than half the time, my gift and my curse.

"Every day is future to past, every breath leads me closer to my last" -- Dream Theater
I guess thats how I feel. Making the most of my abilities until such time the true meaning of my life is revealed to me. And perhaps twist or even break the rules which my life has adhered to, rules that no one else seems to bother with, but I only wish to keep my word and do the good thing as my heart dictates.

Such a force to actually lead me from the confines of my abode to seek it.


  • Aside from me thinking your thoughts are hurtling in a dizzying and blinding speed and the fact that at my age, I've yet to reqacquaint myself with the true meaning of my own life--more like a quarter-life crisis--your sincerity and obvious passion make your endeavor, to make yourself heard, an admirable one.

    At least you're out of Plato's Cave and seeing things as they really are. Or have you just moved out of Plato's Cave and moved into your own Cave?

    The Allegory of the Cave

    By Blogger glady, at 5:35 PM  

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