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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drifting Apart

After several months of afterwork practice and lugging my guitars and gears around studios, the old half of our band has decided that its not working out and both of us have had it.

The last rehearsal was so horrible, that i nearly snapped. It was a bad night, the bassist had me waiting at the mall for more than 30 minutes without answering calls and messages. Was already burned out when I got there, and the shaky groove of the rhythm section just did it for me. :-

I talked with Albert this afternoon, and hes about had it too. Meet up with our rhythm section to annouce that we are gonna disband this mess. Luckily though, Albert was able to hook up with Alain, an old acquaintance, my teachers old bandmate. Were gonna take a break and then meet up with the new rhythm section. I see some veterans coming aboard and much older guys, this looks like it will work but this time we'll definitely choose to our liking.


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