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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gathering of Spirits

Glorious feedback... Like you hear it tearing apart the front row, coming from raging Marshall fullstacks cranked up to destroy the world laugh

While the feedback I managed to coax out of my "Going Merry" (my pedal board) and the ever so unwieldy Fender Princeton is approximately the same effect. It would have been really psychedelic to have towering Marshalls on stage but nonetheless it still feels so exciting hearing the signal to get ready to rock out Grin

After more than 8 months of having not played gig and looking for other musicians to fill in the gaps in our backline, we finally did it. A live, raw, and kick-ass gig. Across the smokey bar, is Temari's voice so sweet and lovely with every of the string and in an outburst of emotion howls filled the 2-storey bar. Her first bar gig was a success, and I couldn't be happier, my Temari who looked like Stevie Rays' Lenny. She sang so well last night, telling me more what else I need to make her sing even better :-)

People shouting for some some songs in the same vein (Texas Flood!), and i called out to them with my index finger pointing out to them, "next time next time...". That was a wonderful feeling along with the cheer from the crowd. Then the next band shaking my hands with good words was an awesome experience, humbling, and telling me even more to top my self even higher the next time.

And the other guys are happy too, and that should pump us up to push on, to go out there and do it, to better ourselves at each turn. To spread where it needs spreading, to clip where it needs clipping, as we are intensely subjected to the Wind Tunnel that is also the name of our ensemble. We'll be chipped constructively for as long as we see the shedding that way. I'm so happy we did well on our initial effort outside. And now, there is so much more to do, so much more to learn, and learn I must.


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