Respect The Wind

Thursday, July 19, 2007

So What?

Meeting the ocean coming from the heaven after the cliff. The entry into the sky of blue with green streaks across it. The universe in a different light, from a different point in the spectrum.

To finally feel every release as I breathe and feel the ever so silent laughter amongst the flowers as I walk by. The breathing of the earth beneath my feet as I walk over it. The lingering caress of the passing seasons.

At night, the universe up above my face, whispering about the light beyond the seventh galaxy and the many moons and stars of every color you could think of. The way to the truth and the life I have chosen, savage and true and unyielding... Already there but not there yet, try so hard to remember so that it could be forgotten, troublesome paradox although they exist to reveal more doors to open.

To wake up in the morning and feel the consciousness of the leaves as the morning dew slides off... To taste the sweetness of the youth of the day and learn in earnest the lessons of the passing of time and patience and love...


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